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RSS _pheonixr_

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1 point

I agree because we all came here for a better life. America was supposed to be the best country for our offspring. Yet the government doesn’t support this ideal. All they want to do is to benefit their pockets. If no one offers them a reward they won’t do anything

Supporting Evidence: Why America is not the greatest country anymore (
1 point

This a really good argument but think about it. If we give free health care to people of the lower class we may discover new health conditions. We can develop new medicine, treatments, and even cures. Along the way we may even discover a new way to eliminate old diseases such as cancer or diabetes

1 point

My opinion is that we all should have health. I feel as if we can relate more to the healthcare for all because we have all been in a hard position where we can’t get healthcare. Didn't our parents come here to give a better life to their children? Doesn’t the U.S Constitution state “Life,liberty,and pursuit of happiness”? Yet the U.S. government doesn’t take to heart these statements. For example, to pass the free health care for senior citizens health care agencies had to bribe the representatives by giving them money. Of course everyone got their share from this agreement. This just proves even further that the government is corrupt. The world runs on money.No one will make a move unless they get a reward such as money or powerful positions.

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