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RSS Leonardo

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Do not automatically assume that every person wants healthcare. It might be in their best interests to buy healthcare. Perhaps they were deciding whether or not they had enough money for healthcare. It honestly does depend; if the government is going to force them to pay for healthcare, screw them and that should not happen.

Lowering healthcare costs would obviously appeal to all people and would provide a better deal. However, the quality would decrease. That is simply life as it is right now. The cheaper something is (good or service), the more likely it is not as good as if it were at a higher price. I wish that the healthcare were free AND high quality as well. It is just...that will never happen at the rate we are at now.

1 point

But is it necessary for the certain people themselves? Healthcare should be recommended, not forced. It should never, ever be decided by the government either.

If the healthcare is free, there is a high chance that it will a) involve weak treatment like most public schools and b) help only "certain" people who "are really really really really really sick."

Just let the people decide THEMSELVES if they need healthcare or not. Forcing them to PAY for healthcare is crueler. If we were to do something like this, America would not be America anymore and other countries would laugh at us (successful countries like Singapore, Switzerland, Hong Kong, and more do not have this sort of system).

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