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RSS Eugenem

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1 point

If you look at any one of the other socialized healthcare systems, there isn’t a single one where the government has run things smoothly and healthcare hasn’t been rationed to the people. The government runs the DPS, the VA, and Medicaid and Medicare and social security, and they are all programs that are either slow, inefficient, or running out of money.

1 point

The reason for low prices is because the government forces those drug companies to accept whatever payment amount the government is willing to offer. And guess where the drugs were produced. Not in Cuba. In America, if it weren’t for our system they wouldn’t have a third of those drugs to begin with since the US is responsible for the production of an entire 1/3 of the world drug market.

1 point

Free government run healthcare isn’t the solution to lowering costs. More privatization and less regulation is the answer as is with most problems with prices in the market. Government price controls and intervention isn’t the answer, it will only make things worse in the long run.

1 point

137 million is a third of the entire American population. What exactly do you mean by struggling to pay medical bills? By what metric is that measured? So yeah I’d say it’s a big number, a little too big to be true

3 points

You have a right to life in terms of the government defending and protecting your life. The government doesn’t come perform a surgery on you; another person does. You don’t have a right to another persons labor regardless of your need of it. To provide an analogy- you may be starving, but that doesn’t mean you have the right to steal bread from another person.

3 points

How is healthcare a human right? Someone had to go to school for 12 years to become a doctor in order to provide a service, the service being healthcare. So therefore, shouldn’t healthcare be considered a commodity and not a right, since you don’t have a right to someone else’s services?

0 points

The healthcare system needs more privatization to increase the supply and competition, lowering costs. Not more government regulation and bureaucracy.

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