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1 point

I believe that the government sometimes support one claim but not go through with it the whole way. Such as the necessity of health care for the 9/11 rescuers. Care was only provided for the people that were in the city and were involved in a rescuing team payed by the government. While the people who volunteered to help and people affected by the incident weren't provided care because " that was their choice and we didn't obligate them to help". Like yeah maybe they didn't have to help but that accident was your (government) fault because you didn't have the security and preventive care for these situations (airport security).

1 point

If everyone have FREE universal health care then the would increase the amount of money that people of a higher working class to pay to make health care free for others. And the fact that if this continued then there could be a decline in the advanced medicine available because of costs. Where would all those patience go that are waiting because of a full house in a hospital?

1 point

There is also the solution where you can go to annual doctors appointment where you would only pay xx amount of money rather than paying a grand some of money for a condition or injury that you could have prevented. But then again there are conditions where there's not much preventive care.

1 point

Although Health care is one of the main reason why there is a high amount of deaths in the U.S. that's not the only reason.

AngelaRod(5) Clarified
1 point

And also there is the part where you can get health plans from where you work. Such as Whole foods where their employees get money accumulated.

1 point

Health care is a very controversial topic. Yeah there are both good and bad points in health care but in my argument the problem overrule the benefits. Health care can allow people to have a backup plan when they cant afford there medical bills. But there is cases where health care businesses can revoke there money and dump money problems on you. Or you could be denied the care you need because a preexisting condition where they are making it your fault in having that condition. To me health care just makes more unnecessary arguments for being accountable to be paid the money. If people could take care of themselves by going to annual doctors appointments they could have preventive care and live a healthier lifestyle. Even if they are using their own pocket money to pay for these visits, the money that you would have had to pay for a condition or injury you could have prevented would definitely cost more.

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