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taking responsibility for establishing and implementing health maintenance

Obama is trying to put health plans on all of us. So that means we would all have to pay for our own heath plans. I think it is important for all of us to have health plans because thousands of people die every year in the united states for not being able to pay their health plans as in medicine, surgerys, doctor visits, etc. Many people in the united states can't afford their medical bills so they refuse to go to the doctor and try to fix things themselves which makes it worst bacuse they are exposed to more infections and diseases they are also in more pain and can cause more damage to themselves. As we see in Britia, England, Canada, and Peru they have way much more cheaper and way better health systems they actually do pay a bit more taxes well not all of them but they get treated better. Like in Canada they pay alot of taxes but if you are an elder and can't afford your medicaal situations or your just not cappable of having that money they have the health care system which is great because they have a higher life span than us. I do think we should have better health system for all ages because people have health issues at all ages and some very very young ages a lot of people die and it's sad because in other parts of the world they get free health care and they get to live.

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